Week beginning 4th September

This week, Rowan class have been focusing on a book called Mama Panya's Pancakes. This is a story about Mama Panya and Adika (her son) who are heading to the market. Adika is very happy when he learns that Mama is using her two coins to make pancakes. He's so happy, he invites everyone to his house to eat them. He promises Mama they can stretch the flour. But Mama is worried if they use all the flour to feed their friends, what will they eat later? 

Using this story, we have made some fantastic cross curricular links with Maths, Literacy, Geography and DT. 

In Maths, we used our times table knowledge to increase and decrease the pancake recipe that Mama Panya uses. We also learnt how to choose the correct graph to record data. We surveyed the class and used bar charts to show our favourite pancake toppings and also used line graphs to show how far Mama Panya and Adika travelled.

In Literacy, we made informed predictions about our story based on evidence in the title and images on the front cover. We then researched and used organisational features to create informational leaflets/posters about Kenya (where our story is set). This linked nicely with our Geography lesson about the continent of Africa and identifying the countries within it. 

In Art, we studied African artist Esther Mahlangu. We researched her artistic influences and looked at the features of her art work and then replicated artwork in her style. 

Though it has been a week full of learning it has also been wonderful to get the chance to learn a little more about each other and prepare for the coming year!