Term 4 Week 1

Hello all! 

What an AMAZING start to term 4!

In Literacy we have:

moved onto a new focus text "The Day the Crayons quit!" We have really enjoyed reading this! We were using conjunctions to write interesting sentences about the crayons. In addition to this, we have been looking at how to use exclamation and question marks correctly. 

In Maths we have:

been learning to measure with both non-standard units of measure as well as centimeters. We have been using comparative language to compare lengths too.   

In PSHE we have:

learnt about the importance of rules, who creates them, why we have them and where we might find them.

In PE we have:

continued to participate in gymnastics focusing on balance.

In Art we have:

explored primary colours and what happens if we mix them!


we explored using bee-bots and programing them to do what we want!

In History:
We started to understand how lives of significant individuals from the past have contributed nationally and internationally. We looked at three Monarchs throughout history and how the role of a monarch has changed since Queen Elizabeth I to our last queen, Elizabeth II. 

In Music:

We responded to different types of music and looked at how this effects our mood.

Have a wonderful weekend!