Term 4 Week 1

What a fun first week back we have had; we have been very excited to see our friends again as a new term begins! 

So what have the incredible Ivy Class been up to this week?

In Literacy we have started a new story 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' By Jill Tomlinson. The children have loved being introduced to this story; it has opened up so many discussions about feelings, overcoming challenges and looking at how we can support friends who may be facing a challenge. As we learn about stories, we have become very familiar with key stories, retelling them and considering their particular characteristics, sequenced events and have been practicing composing sentences before writing them when recording our character descriptions.

In Maths we've been super eager to learn about height and length - we are now able to describe and compare height and length as well as measure using non-standard units!

In PE, we are very fortunate to have the coach again this term, we looked at throwing and catching skills as well as continued with our gymnastics, looking at ways we can rock using our bodies. 

In RE, we learnt about various sacred texts, how they differ and how they are treated by each religion. We looked at Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

In Geography, we learnt about the differences between physical and human geography. We went on a walk to look at both human and physical features and then came into class to discuss our observations. 

Fantastic week Ivy Class! Please continue to bring in your reading records! 

Have a wonderful weekend! :)