Term 2 Week 1

Hello Everyone,

What a first week back!

The children have found this week's lessons SO fascinating, especially geography and science! The Ivy Team cannot wait to explore more about our world with the class.

In Maths, we have been continuing to learn and improve our subtraction skills to find a part of a calculation. For example: we know if the problem was 9- ___ = 6 , we can retrieve our subtraction knowledge to find the missing part. We also applied our skill of using a number line to solve take away problems.

In Literacy, we have continued to improve our handwriting, identify what an explanation mark (!) is and when to use it, recognise when a word is singular or plural and how this has an effect on spelling and we even had a go at developing our writing stamina through imagining we were somewhere around the world and sending a postcard home. We had postcards from the desert, mountains, flower gardens and even Mote park :)

Our little scientists were fascinated when learning about various animal groups! They were amazed to find out that a human, dolphin and lion are all part of the same animal group even though we are all so different. The children identified 5 animal groups then classified the animals into the groups, wrote facts and drew wonderful pictures!

In geography, firstly we retrieved knowledge about everything we know so far about the world! I was blown away by the amount of information the children could share. Then we learnt about the scale of locations; Park Way Primary school is in Maidstone which is in Kent, which is part England, which is part of the United Kingdom, which is part of Europe which is part of the World. When then used this to identify countries on a UK map and locate their capital cities! 

In PE; we continued to apply our multi-skills to competitive games.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and the Ivy Team will see you Monday! :)

Home learning has been set on teams.
Please put names in jumpers, cardigans and fleeces!
PE is Monday now.
The weather is getting chillier, please do send your child into school with a coat to wear at playtimes and lunchtimes
Poppy appeal next week, donations will be hugely appreciated :)