Term 2 Week 3 17.11.23

In Literacy this week we have been looking at themes and features of poems, with a focus on figurative language. We have explored similes, metaphors and personification. We started the week off by reading a poem called Trapped and explore what it was about. We then wrote our own thoughts about school. We wrote metaphors, similes and personification phrases and completed the week by writing a poem about school including the figurative language explored.

In Maths, year 5 have been learning to convert improper fractions to mixed number fractions and vice versa. They have also begun to look at how to order fractions. Year 6 have been learning different strategies to multiply and divide fractions by other fractions or an integer. Some year 6 children have found this really difficult and would benefit from looking at the YouTube video links on our website.

Park Way Primary School (park-way.kent.sch.uk)

In History, we have been learning to understand the significance and impact of Ibn Battuta’s travels. Ibn Battuta (Ib in bat too tah) ​was a Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta traveled over 75,000 miles throughout the Muslim world and beyond in the 14th century. 

In science this week we continued to explore the gestation period of mammals and used ICT to create graphs to represent the information we found.

PE is now on Friday for Cedar Class. We will be learning to play Tag Rugby and Fitness.

For Anti-bullying week this week, we explored what bullying means and how banter can become bullying. We had a discussion about this and shared our ideas, opinions and experiences. 


  • Mobile Phones – Mobile phones should be brought in by children who walk home alone, not by children who are collected by their adult.
  • The children should not be bringing their own fiddle toys to school. We have a selection in the classroom.
  • Reading books should be written in when the children have read either independently or with an adult.
  • The PE kit is their team colour T shirt and black/navy shorts NOT tracksuits.
  • TTRockstars and EdShed are our home learning Apps, please go on these weekly. There are assignments on EdShed.

Mrs Rackley, Mrs Morris and Mrs Relf