Term 3 Week 2

First full week back - complete! 

Ivy class have had lots of fun learning all about Florence Nightingale, learning to write letters, consolidating our place value knowledge, doing gymnastics and so much more!

Lets share what we've been up to: 

  • In Literacy: we have been identifying the features of a letter and how to use question marks. We loved role-playing as Florence Nightingale and imagining what her response to our questions would be!
  • In Maths: we have been consolidating our place value knowledge within 40. We have been learning how to represent these numbers in various ways as well as partition them into tens and ones. 
  • In History, we've been learning about who Florence Nightingale is and why she is a significant historical figure. 
  • In PE: we have been thinking about how we can travel as well as being able to link two to three moves together. Amazing!
  • In Science: we have been learning about what is alive, dead and never been alive. The children learnt about "MRS GREN" and come up with their own actions to remember.
  • In PSHE: we have been learning about what to do if we get lost. The children role-played the dos and don'ts. The children were really impressive with the information they knew in such situations!
  • In RE: we looked at important objects in a Church and Mosque and what makes a place sacred. 

Overall a busy week, but of course, it was no match for our INCREDIBLE IVIES!

Have a wonderful weekend all! :)