Week beginning 13th November

In Literacy this week, we have been looking at a range of poems from the Bright Bursts collection by Matt Goodfellow. We have looked at how figurative language has been used and how it can enhance meaning in our own writing. Children had the opportunity to think creatively and write a poem about school using similies, metaphors and personification.

In Maths, Year 6 the children have been learning how to multiply fractions fractions. They used their times table knowledge to find the answer and then used common factors to simplify their answers. Year 5 have also been learning about fractions with a focus on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa. We have also been using this knowledge to help order and compare fractions with the same and different denominators. We used our times tables knowledge to ensure the denominators are the same so it is easier to compare.

In History, we have been learning about the Ibn Battuta from the Early Islamic Empire. We discussed where he travelled and why his travels are relevant today. Many maps and his travel journal provide a great insight into life during the dark ages.

In PE, we are beginning to learn how attack and defend in tag rugby. The children are becoming more confident working as a team and are learning to communicate effectively. We will also be looking at fitness and how different exercises work different body parts and the effect it has on heart rate. This week, we also focused on the groups of muscles involved in different excercises.

In Science this week, we discussed how our body changes as it goes through the life cycle. We focused on the changes that happen during puberty and how we can keep our bodies clean and healthy.

In RE, we have been looking at equality and what religion can teach us about treating people equally. This week we looked at 2 statues in Bristol and why one was taken down because of the links with the slave trade. In PSHE, we looked at the difference between banter and bullying as part of Anti-bullying week. Children were asked to consider where one changes to the other.