Term 1 Week 4

Hello everyone!

Can you believe we are already more than half way through Term 1?!

The children have had an amazing week this week; from baking cakes to outdoor Maths, we have certainly been busy bees!

Take a look below to see what fantastic things we have been up to:

In Maths, Ivy Class have been using mathematical vocabulary this week. We have been using the language of more than, less than and equal to to secure our number knowledge to 20. We did a fantastic job of using manipulative to compare numbers. In addition to this, we have been learning how to find one more and one less than a given number. One day this week, we went to the field and used objects such as conquers and leaves to help us to identify one more and one less. We had to talk through our method when solving problems and by the end of the lesson, we were vocabulary superstars!

In Literacy, Ivy Class identified how adding -ed to the end of verbs can change the meaning of the root word. We now know by adding -ed, it changes an action from present tense to past tense. In addition to this, we have continued to add adjectives to our writing to make it more descriptive. We have also become our inner Oliver Twists: we have started to write a diary entry as if we were him!

In Science, we were exploring good dental hygiene. We worked scientifically, identifying what is good and bad dental hygiene practice and classified which foods are good and bad for your teeth. We came up with questions about our dental health and concluded it is important to brush your teeth twice a day.  We also now know that too much acidic and sugary foods is bad for your teeth (but it is ok to have a little bit!) At the end of the day, we even got to take a toothbrush and paste home with us! :D

This week, we also put on our chefs hats to bake cakes to sell at the Macmillan coffee morning; I bet they tasted YUMMY! We had to use a wide range of skills:
reading and following a simple recipes
measuring ingredients
discussing and understanding where the ingredients comes from.

In RE, we continued to explore kindness through Christianity, looking closely at another story from the bible known as "The Paralysed Man". The children ask and suggested answers to questions arising from stories Jesus told and talked about issues of good and bad, right and wrong arising from the stories. We made it our mission to do an extra act of kindness each day this week.

In PE, we continued to learn to create simple movement patterns through our Victorian themed dance as well as having the PE coach teach us to use our foot to dribble a ball; then we applied this skill to a spider web game!

In Topic, we began to understand events beyond living memory and identified differences between ways of life at different times through our exploration of Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War. It felt like we had taken a time machine back to the Victorian Era!

What an amazing week it has been! Well done Ivy Class for your hard word and extra acts of kindness this week. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Please do send your child into school with a suitable coat for the weather; it is getting chiller as the weeks roll by!
Please ensure your children's clothes are labelled; lots of jumpers are going to lost property at the moment due to lack of names!
Please continue to encourage your child to hand in their reading records daily!
Next Friday is Victorian Day; please come to school dressed as a Victorian child. Super Exciting!! :)