6th October Weekly Review

Can you believe that we only have two more weeks of Term One? In Maple Class, we are showing resilience with our learning and will continue to do so until the end of term.

For our Literacy learning this week, we have been learning how to punctuate direct speech correctly. This has been tricky for some of us, as we have been unsure where to place the inverted commas. Two children in the class came up to the front of the class and had a conversation in the role of Robinson and Friday – this conversation was recorded and played back to the class. The children were asked “what words were actually spoken?” This helped them to punctuate the inverted commas around the spoken words only.

For their Maths learning this week, Year 4 have been learning how to add and subtract 4-digit numbers using mental strategies. They  have then moved on to add two 4 digit numbers together using the formal column written method. Year 3 have also focused on mental strategies for adding and subtracting two 3-digit numbers together.

We went outside for our Science learning this week. In pairs, we drew a wiggly line on the playground with chalk. We could walk on the line easily. We were then given a mirror and told, “You can only walk on the line using the reflection of your feet in the mirror!”  This was much trickier as we were relying on the reflection of the image of our feet, rather than staring down at our own feet. We also wrote messages to each other that were reflected in the mirror.

We used IT skills in our Geography learning this week, by creating a PowerPoint presentation about key characteristics of the UK’s physical geography, including: key cities, seas and facts about the UK’s climate. We will continue with our presentation next week.

The week finished with Mr Saunders teaching us for our RE learning. This was an interactive session in which we entered our ideas, in groups, via an iPad on a platform called ‘Jam Board.’ We really enjoyed this lesson as we could see everyone’s feedback. We are looking forward to using Jam Board to help us with our future learning by linking with our IT skills.  


Remember to encourage your child to go on Times Tables  Rock Stars as this will increase their accuracy and confidence with multiplication and division facts.

Swimming is on next Monday as usual – please remember to bring swimming kit on Monday morning and to email or phone the office if there is any reason why your child cannot attend a swimming lesson. It is a lesson, so they are expected to attend. Please do not ask your child to tell the teacher that they cannot go.

P.E. is on a Tuesday – please wear correct P.E. kit to school.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Mallon