Summer Term 1 - Week 6

Week 6

We have reached the end of another half-term and what a busy one it has been! This week the Year 2s have been taking part in Spy School and have been completing their tests (also known as optional KS1 SATS).  They have all worked very hard to show that they have the necessary reading and maths skills to be a secret spy.

At the same time the Year 1s have been super ninjas and working stealthily making sure they don't disturb the Year 2s whilst they are working. They have been really good at this and have been using expanded noun phrases and verbs to describe themselves and the villains they could capture.

This week we visited Kent Life Farm and took part in a workshop where we got to meet animals and learn about them.  This linked in with our Science learning. Photos of our trip are on our Teams page.

We have also completed our David Best sculptures in Art and our watering devices in DT.