Week beginning 18th September

This week in Literacy, we started reading Kensuke's Kingdom and learnt a lot about the characters. We wrote a letter in role as Michael to his friend who had moved and had a debate in class about whether we would like to travel the world on a boat. Even though we would miss school and get to see many wonderful sights, Rowan decided that a year at sea was not for them.

In Maths, we are continuing our study of place value. Year 6 have been looking at rounding whereas Year 5 have been placing numbers on a number line by calculating the increments that the number line goes up in.

In Science this week, we looked at how conifers reproduce and the role that pine cones play in the life cycle of a conifer tree. We also looked at asexual reproduction like tubers, runners and bulbs.

In Geography, we used maps and atlases to identify the longitude and latitude of different islands. Though it was a bit tricky, we all felt more confident by the end of the lesson.

Next week, is our class assembly where parents are welcome to come and see the hard work and effort children have put into their learning.