Week beginning 9th October

This week in Literacy, we finished reading Kensuke's Kingdom and learnt how Michael made his way home and whether or not Kensuke stayed with him. We learnt a lot about Kensuke and how he ended up on the island. We researched the Nagasaki bombing which is his main reason for staying in isolation as he believed his family had been killed and lost faith in the goodness of humans. We created presentations with our findings using headings to help the reader navigate our text.

In Maths, we are continuing our study of the four operations. Year 6 are applying their knowledge of factors, multiples and using these with long multiplication and division. Whereas, Year 5 have been developing their addition and subtraction strategies as well as using the inverse and estimation to check answers.

In Science this week, we looked at life cycles of amphibians, mammals, insects and birds. We discussed the changes at each stage of a mammal and a bird's life cycle. We also researched mammals that lay eggs or mammals that are a little out of the ordinary. 

In PE, we worked on our shooting skills in Basketball and Football. Though sadly the rain drove us inside, we were still able to play some team games to support our team work and encourage communication within the teams.